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"I worked with Ron on a lawsuit against a very large corporation. He spent nights, weekends, and holidays working on this case. Although some facts were not in our favor, he kept pushing forward. Ultimately, we were able to obtain a very large sum of money for our clients. Ron’s persistence is truly amazing.”

--Rick Kuykendall, Esq.

Murphy Firm, PA

Baltimore, Maryland

"Ron is very passionate about representing his clients. He's like a bull dog. He grabs something and refuses to let it go. He is the most dedicated lawyer I know."

--Mark B. Wilson, Esq.

Mark B. Wilson, LLC

Birmingham, AL

"I refer cases to Ron because he has the medical experience to understand a client's injuries. Understanding a client's injury is very important when you are trying to obtain compensation for them."

--Bob Goldwater, Esq.

Goldwater Law Firm, P.C.

Phoenix, AZ

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